Human Resource


Medium/Senior : Trainer


  • Managing all own parking activities and taking ownership of whole parking-related areas
  • Setting up and optimizing processes done by Mitra within areas of responsibility
  • Working collaboratively and overseeing Live Ops team to ensure good operational performance
  • Putting in place and maintaining good reporting on Mitra operations KPI’s
  • Managing escalations from Live Ops team related to Mitra operations
  • Establishing processes for location/area management, recruitment and incentives programs
  • A whole load of exciting ad hoc tasks and challenges!


  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. Great communication skill with simple language.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced customer facing environment.
  • Tech savvy, good PC skills, comfortable with spreadsheets.
  • A quick and calm thinker when under pressure, multitasking pro and problem solver!
  • Strong communication and organization skills - the ability to balance attention to detail with swift execution - we need to do things quickly, and we need to do them well
  •  Self-motivated and a great team player - if you don’t know the answer, you know where to look and who to ask!